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Prepping for the LETHAL Security Training Class

This is a guide to help configure and setup your laptop and Virtual Machine for any of the LETHAL Security Courses.   It is very important to make sure you follow all the requirements and pre-check guidelines, as the class runs fast and there isn’t much time to catch you up.

System Requirements:

  • Download the Custom Virtual Image prior to class:
  • Must have Administrator Access (to disable host firewall)
  • Disable any 3rd party firewall/AV 
  • Bring all network connectivity dongles
  • Have capacity to run two virtual machines simultaneously using either VMware Workstation or Player or Fusion (for OS X).
  • 30GB of free disk spaces
  • And, a passion to learn!

Pre-check Guidelines

  • Install VMWare Workstation or VMWare Fusion
  • Unzip the Custom Virtual Image and double click on the .vmx file
  • Make sure the Custom Virtual Machine’s Network Adaptor is configured on Bridged Mode
  • Plug in an ethernet cable (disable wireless) and make sure the VMWare image can get an IP (This is where most people have problems).  If you have problems:
    • Mac: go to settings on your image, Network Adapter, and change it from autodetect to your network adapter.
    • Windows: go to Edit -> Virtual Network Editor -> Change Settings -> and change the Bridge To to your network adapter.
  • Try to nmap your local network with the VMware image and make sure you get results (username root and password toor).

Additional Questions

  • Can I use Virtual Box?  Sure, people have used it in the class, but we don’t support Virtual Box.  We highly recommend VMWare.  If you do use Virtual Box, please make sure you test prior to coming onsite and that your network adapter is in Bridged Mode.
  • Should I update the Virtual Image?  No, please do NOT update the image.  Everything has been tested and validated with the current version of the Virtual Image.
  • What should I prepare for the class?  Other than the pre-check guidelines, there isn’t anything else to prepare.  If you aren’t comfortable with basic Linux Commands or never used VMWare, it would be a good time to brush up on it.
Looking for Additional Training in the Future: