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LETHAL Security is the name of the training grounds for Secure Planet.  Built on the basic concepts and principles of sharing knowledge and providing growth to the security community, we provide real world training at an affordable cost.  We often saw a gap in training courses for those trying to break into the industry or security professionals trying to expand their knowledge, but were unable to afford expensive training.  So the Team spent years building unique training courses that simulate real world scenarios to teach those who are passionate about security and help get them to the next level.

Our classes have been featured at conferences such OWASP AppSec, ISSA, and at the LETHAL Meetup.

Courses we currently offer:

Real World Red Team Course 

This classic, favorite class has been updated and extended.  Now a two-day course, participants take a deep dive into attacking a company, abusing Active Directory, pivoting through machines, compromising production environment, custom persistence, and more.  You take on the role of a Red Teamer, breaking into an organization without being detected…This isn’t your entry-level course and moves very fast, but with basic Metasploit knowledge, you should have no problem being successful!

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• Additional Classes Coming Soon


Basic and Advanced Web Application Hacking

The Basic Class teaches you how to attack all the top common vulnerabilities through a real-life scenario of breaking into a Bitcoin Exchange.  The Advanced Class takes you through more in-depth attacks like deserialization, node vulnerabilities, template injection, and more!

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• Additional Classes Coming Soon

Basic 101 Course

This two-day course helps those who are just beginning.  We will discuss penetration testing methodology, how to perform reconnaissance/intel gathering, all sorts of scanning techniques, exploiting different types of applications, and reporting.  In this course you will take the information you have gathered from open source resources and attack a victim network.

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• Additional Classes Coming Soon

Upcoming courses

We are just finishing up a couple of other classes.  One of the classes with be a random hackery class.  This is geared towards those who are learning how to do basic CTFs, reverse binaries, modify memory, and even hack a game.  Join our mailing list below to receive all the up-to-date info for this amazing class.

We also perform private trainings for organizations, companies, and other large groups.  Please contact secure < at > for more information.

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