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Advanced Penetration Testing - Red Team - Vulnerability Assessment

The Secure Planet team generally deals with small to medium size organizations who are interested in securing their environment and meeting PCI, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.  Using both open source and corporate tools through multiple testing frameworks, Secure Planet deliverables a final report stating each vulnerability, technical severity level, and remediation. The purpose of a penetration test is not to only uncover one off holes, but to work with the customer to make sure they have an understanding of how to mitigate these issues in the future.

Advanced Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments:

Secure Planet provides cutting-edge penetration testing services for your company's networks and applications. With a team of certified and credentialed professionals, we find vulnerabilities that others can't. With our custom toolset and very manual reviews, our team can identify weaknesses, provide real world findings, and show you want hackers go after. Our approach incorporates customer feedback to develop tailored security assessments to fit your secuirty needs.

  • Identifying open services and system identification.
  • Search Engine Discovery
  • Scanning and testing for the latest vulnerabilities
  • Checking for commonly used authentications
  • Examine Network Perimeter
  • Web Application Assessment
    • Spidering
    • Configuration Management
    • Authentication Testing
    • Session Management
    • Authorization Testing
    • Business Logic Testing
    • Data Validation Testing
    • Web Service Testing
    • AJAX Testing
    • And more
  • Exploitation

Red Team Assessments:

If your corporate or production networks were compromsied today, would you know it? Many companies buy all the latest and greatest tools, but don't have any way to prove they work. Red Team Assessments mimic the tactics and tools from real world attacks and campaigns. These three to six month assessments, demonstrate the capabilities of your detection tools, incident response teams, and identify systemic vulnerabilities.

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